Bitcoin v. Banking

Why banks and regulators are scared of bitcoin?

In a nutshell – transparency and honesty is less profitable that financial shenanigans behind a centralised ridable ledger called a bank. And I still don’t have the answer to who regulates the regulators? Blockchain is the 21st century problem solver – in my view one of the most significant application of the internet and the most…

Iceland banking reform

Iceland is the most important country in the world right now

After giving my presentation to the Icelandic people, that included in the audience many of the countries members of parliament, I was amazed to see the announcement that the Icelandic people are holding banking executives accountable for the illegal counterfeiting of their countries money. If if the governments around the world really wanted to remove…

Money Creation debate Parliament

Will I be voting @UKLabour or @Conservatives or @LibDems this year?

I move to Hong Kong this year so I am no longer in the game, but let’s pretend I was still a UK voter… Will I vote Labour, Lib Dem, or Conservative? For those that care about my opinion, here is what I know. All of them will issue more debt than they issued last year,…


Could this experiment with CrowdFunding and Crypto Currency change the future of politics?

OK. Accuse me of making a mountain out of a molehill, but Rome was not built in a day. This week I saw the future of politics by watching one little experiment. Hear me out. The community at Crypto CrowdFunding platform StartJOIN were discussing how to get a wider market for the Crypto Currency that powers…

HSBC Scandal

HSBC is a private ledger, #Bitcoin is a transparent ledger, Money Laundering is a private ledger problem

Think of HSBC as a private record of its customers transactions – a private ledger owned by HSBC. Think of Bitcoin as a transparent bank where every transaction is reported and verified by thousands of computers all plugged together. HSBC relays on regulations and honesty of bankers. Bitcoin publishes everything but it keeps tha users…

Simon Dixon, FT live

I will be speaking at Financial Times Live today on banking innovation

Interview: Balancing regulation and innovation Do regulators have too much power in saying who banks can and cannot do business with? Are banks reacting to regulatory measures by de-risking to an extent which hinders the progress of innovation? In a stringent regulatory environment, with shrinking margins, to what extent are regulations inhibiting development of new…

George Galloway Crypto CrowdFunding

@GeorgeGalloway MP uses Crypto-CrowdFunding to fund upcoming political campaign on @StartJoin

Could this be the future of transparent political funding? Could the Crowd take the corporates role of funding politics? You decide, but this is history in the making. You can contribute and stay up-to-date with the campaign by clicking on the image below. And you can use the Crypto Currency StartCOIN to contribute giving a…