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OK, while the documentary ‘the secret’ has some value, positive thinking alone will get you in a bit of trouble right now.

I prefer – expect the best, but prepare for the worst and take massive action, don’t try and rely on the universe fixing everything for you right now.

Just in case you have not been following, now is the time to prepare your business for a collapse in the Euro.

Here is why:

Germany recently attempted to auction it’s bonds and was only able to sell one third of them.

For you non-finance geeks like me, this means that the appetite for lending to the government is at an all time low and we pretty much have a German run Euro anyway!

Every country in the Euro operates from a position of insolvency right now and our government led Euro-ponzi schemes rely on ever increasing levels of government debt to maintain their current positions…let alone grow.

Italy was forced to pay yields at all time highs at an auction of €7.5bn of debt on Tuesday but managed to raise nearly all it’s target range. God only knows why investors would put their money there, forget the yields, no thank you!

For you non-finance geeks again, this means that investors were only willing to lend to the government at a very high interest rate.

Bond auctions by Italy, Spain, Belgium and France are to follow to keep the ponzi scheme alive.

So all leaders balieve that the solution to a debt crisis, is guess what?

More debt!

Ever tried that one – where did you end up!

As Europe’s political leaders are failing to control the spreading debt crisis, large businesses are preparing their companies against a crash that can no longer be wished away.

When German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Nicolas Sarkozy suggested a Greek exit from the Eurozone, for the first time they questioned their little experiment in large scale centralized control of money called the Euro.

They are now discussing bailouts including the possibility of issuing European Central Bank loans to struggling countries via the International Monetary Fund.

I.e. More debt!

In my upcoming book ‘Bank To The Future: Protect Your Future Before Governments Go Bust’, I described how this is simply the IMF creating money out of nothing and issuing illegitimate loans to struggling countries, resulting eventually in takeover of that countries resources to outside control – a movement to centralised consolidation of power and taking over a countries assets.

The FT reported that car manufacturers, energy groups, consumer goods firms and other multinationals are placing cash reserves in safe investments and controlling non-essential expenditure, so you should probably be thinking along the same lines.

Siemens has even established its own bank in order to deposit funds with the European Central Bank directly preparing for a banking collapse.

My forecast?

The European Central Bank will end-up buying government bonds in huge quantities and we will continue the cycle as outlined in my video ‘The Great Depression of 2013″.

Anyway, yesterday is the time to start thinking about your exposure to contracts with European companies if you have any and start thinking about any exposure your business or investments have to the eurozone if you have not done so already.

George Osborn is preparing for a lost decade in the UK.

This may sound like doom and gloom, but there is light at the end of the tunnel…

…this financial mess is a human created problem, not a natural disaster, there are solutions, but for now…

…keep investing in your social capital, increase the size of your network and it is my belief that we will see some big reform ahead.

I have just returned from presetting at a European Conference on Banking Reform and I am getting lots of support and invitations to speak and present at some very high-end gigs, so I am doing all I can to help move towards a sustainable person to person led financial system where we can gain a level of protection from all this turbulence…

…and of course, I will continue to offer solutions to any central bankers and politicians that will listen.

My advise? – your social capital will be your number 1 asset in the future, build strong relationship online and offline, you will need a good network to figure this one out ahead.

Simon Dixon

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