Triple Dip Recession & The EU – Simon Dixon

A banker says European Union members will not reach an agreement on the trillion-dollar budget talks, paving the way for the breakup of the bloc. This comes as German Chancellor Angela Merkel urges EU members to work together to reach a deal as the bloc’s 27 states remain divided on the one-trillion-euro 2014-2020 budget. Press…

IMF World Bank Simon Dixon

IMF & World Bank: Simon Dixon Explains The Injustice On Money Trail

IMF and World Bank policies are opening national markets to US-dominated “multinational corporations” effectively destroying the homegrown economy of poor countries all over the world from Latin America to Africa to Asia. The program was essentially about enriching a few ruling families by kickbacks and bribes accompanying loans that opened the borrowing countries to American…

Banking Corruption

Banking Corruption – @MaxKeiser & @SimonDixonTwitt provide commentary

Max Keiser and Simon Dixon (@SimonDixonTwitt) provide commentary on Press TV about Shadow banking system greater than visible banking system. An interview with Max Keiser, financial journalist from Paris Bloomberg just ran a report that the shadow banking system is greater than the visible banking system…you had many more trillions of dollars worth of derivatives…

What I would tell Greece

What I would tell Greece to do tomorrow if they asked…3 Simple Solutions for The Financial Crisis

So I am always asked to lay out my proposals for moving out of the financial crisis. Well here it is -three simple things I would do from my book ‘Bank To The Future: Protect Your Future Before Governments Go Bust’. If I was appointed to advise the new Greek parliament tomorrow, here is what…


TEDx – Simon Dixon ‘Changing The Rules Of Banking’

It was a great honor to present at TEDx last weekend. I have been a TED fan for years and have always believed that the message about banking is an idea worth spreading through TED. But now we need your support in order to get tis message on the big TED stage where people like…