Denis Kusinich NEEDS monetary reform bill

Monetary Reform – Could 2011 be the year that Banking and Monetary Reform takes a quantum leap forward to the mainstream?

On Friday December 17th Congressman Dennis Kucinich took a crucial and heroic step to resolve our growing financial crisis and achieve a just and sustainable money system for our nation by introducing the National Emergency Employment Defense Act of 2010, abbreviated NEED. The bill number is HR6550.

While the bill focuses on US unemployment crisis, the proposed bill contains all the essential monetary reforms to create a sustainable money supply for America.

A friend of mine who has been an instrumental part in making this a reality Stephen Zarlenga (Author of ‘The Lost Science of Money’ and founder of The American Monetary Institute) has created a blog for discussion on this bill.

You can read a copy of the legislation here.

Now is the time to reform banking and money for the total benefit if humankind and our financial system.

Simon Dixon

Simon Dixon

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2 thoughts on “Monetary Reform Bill Makes Major Historic News This Christmas

  1. Well the major first goal is to get people discussing Monetary Reform in the mainstream and this is really an amazing progress towards that with plenty more to come.

    When the system collapses he will stand a better chance. LOL!

  2. David

    In Washington there are an estimated four lobbyists for every representative, what are the real chances of preventing banks using fractionalisation – 0.01% – I have to applaud this guy for his hopes and dreams, but he will never get the results he wishes.

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