Inside Bitcoins London – Will be speaking on Digital Finance Investing

About to kick off @BankToTheFuture 'The best thing for Bitcoin right now is price stability' #Bitcoinconf — Coinapult (@Coinapult) September 15, 2014 #bitcoinconf London starts in one hour! Stay tuned for the latest updates & news! — InsideBitcoins (@InsideBitcoins) September 15, 2014 @coinscrum @InsideBitcoins Looking forward to it. Just arrived with the @BankToTheFuture…


Bank of England preparing for the #Bitcoin economy

Next month I will be meeting with the relevant department at the Bank of England with the UK Digital Currency Association to discuss their recent report on monetary policy and digital currencies like Bitcoin followed by a panel debate in November (Will update if you are a subscriber to my blog). It was great to…

PayPal Bitcoin

WTF – PayPal getting ready to integrate with Bitcoin

Simon Dixon

Crypto Currency that pays interest on your deposits @Start_Coin @StartJOIN

After I first wrote about StartCOIN – the new digital currency for CrowdFunding I accumulated a sizeable position as I really want to support the initiative. What was unexpected however is that there is now a way to receive interest like payments on your digital currency through the CrowdFunding website StartJOIN. I held some of…

Paul Moore HBOS

There are no regulations for banks – just commit the crime, pay the fine @SimonDixonTwitt to @Paul_R_Moore

Unbelievable article in the Independent on Sunday outlining how the Bank of England, HBOS and the FSA all knew about undeclared bailout loans being made to HBOS from the government while they were raising finance from investors without disclosing. Anybody else but a bank would have lost there regulatory approval. This is the consequence of…


Hargreaves Lansdowne to become a bank?

As reported in the Dailey Mail: Financial services group Hargreaves Lansdown is expected to say it will apply for a full banking licence to take advantage of a growing flood of client money through its business. Analysts at investment bank Morgan Stanley say Hargreaves, which provides investment and share dealing services, could announce the move…


Don’t make the same mistake with #Bitcoin as this guy did with #Apple

Don’t make the same mistake with #Bitcoin. 😉 — Simon Dixon (@SimonDixonTwitt) August 28, 2014 And speaking of Apple looks like they are getting ready to move into banking soon… Apple's New Digital Wallet Patent References 'Virtualised Currencies' vget ready for Apple bank @jalislam @blissdixon — Simon Dixon (@SimonDixonTwitt) August 28, 2014 Simon…

Crypto for the masses

Crypto For The Masses Trailer

Directed by Lahav Levi Production: Ofer Ben-Hayun Cinematography: Noam Steiner Editing: Or Abuhatzira Design and Branding for the Campaign: Noam Shahar Maman Campaign Management: Michael Ron Distribution: Hasware Ltd. Director Lahav Levi explained for Cryptocoins news “Crypto for The Masses!” is a full-length documentary film about Bitcoin, the future of digital currencies worldwide and the…