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Apple & Blockchain get married again after a 6 months divorce – Thank you @tim_cook and @niccary

Simon Dixon
UK Government Alternative Currencies

UK Government Releases Report on Alternative Currencies

Interesting to see Parliament release their report on Alternative Currencies. Here is the summary of the report and how they see Alternative Currencies like Bitcoin and the Bristol Pound: Here is how they see it… Alternative currencies include global currencies like Bitcoin and local community currencies such as the Bristol Pound. They are meant to complement,…


Ethereum – Finding out what the future of financial markets may look like

@ethereumproject Spending my Sunday at a Hackathon with the #Ethereum head developers — Simon Dixon (@SimonDixonTwitt) August 10, 2014 What is Ethereum? Ethereum is a platform and a programming language that makes it possible for any developer to build and publish next-generation distributed applications. Ethereum can be used to codify, decentralize, secure and trade…


Forget Quantitative Easing & Open Market Operations, we now have @start_coin & Coin Market Operations

Shortly after our the ‘Rebuilding our economy with Digital Currencies‘ event in London that we ran with Max Keiser and many other Bitcoin enthusiasts, George Osborne announced that the UK will be embracing Bitcoin as London aims to be centre of a global financial technology revolution. It seems like the tables have turned and countries all around the…

Bitcoin 2014 Simon Dixon

Bitcoin 2014 – My panel on stepping stones to adoption

Here is the recording of my panel from Bitcoin 2014 in Amsterdam.

Bitcoin2014 – Panel: Stepping Stones to Adoption

Carter Dougherty (Consumer Finance Reporter, Bloomberg News)

Eric Benz (Business Development Advisor, GoCoin)
Simon Dixon (CEO & Co-founder,
Dolf Diederichsen (CEO & Co-founder, bit4coin)
Gaston Hendriks (Co-founder, Digital Currency NV)

Simon Dixon
Goldfish crypto currency

Sub Prime Motgages 2.0 & GoldFish with @Skoylesy

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert remember George W. Bush in 2008 saying Wall Street got drunk, needs to sober up and stop playing with fancy financial instruments. Meanwhile, today, those ‘fancy financial instruments’ go downmarket with subprime loans on used automobiles. In the second half, Max interviews Jan…


Rebuilding our economy photos @MaxKeiser @StacyHerbert @SimonDixonTwitt @JonnyBitcoin @StephanTual #BankToTheFuture

Here are the highlights, photos and story from Twitter after our Rebuilding our economy with Digital Currencies and Crowd Finance event. We had representatives from Satoshi Point, MaxCoin, Ethereum, PitPesa, StartJOIN, StartCOIN and BankToTheFuture, as well as Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert from Keiser Report. Video recording to follow up once edited (Register your name…

Ethereum Project

@StephanTual from @EthereumProject will be speaking at Rebuilding our Economy with @MaxKeiser & @StacyHerbert

Want to learn more about the future of finance? Stephan Tual will be joining Stacy Herbert, Max Keiser and myself at our Rebuilding our economy with digital currencies event tonight. Need Bitcoins? Satoshi Point will be bringing their Bitcoin ATM to our event on Monday so you can get your hands on the highest performing asset class…