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I want to say up front, I am a finance guy and don’t feel qualified enough to have an objective opinion on what is happening in Gaza as I simply don’t know enough, but when attempting to educate myself on it this morning I came across this video where Russell Brand exposes Sean Hannity’s aggressive interview style on Fox News. I was very disappointed that I did not get to hear the second perspective thanks to Sean’s ‘agree with me or shut up’ interview style, but it turns out that CrowdFunding can be used to further the debate. Let me explain more.

Here is the original video from Russell Brand.

And here are the tweets that followed.

Now for something I do know a bit about. As a response a CrowdFunding campaign was launched on new CrowdFunding site StartJOIN to raise money to create banners to protest against Sean. I made a suggestion in the forum to add Russell Brands video to the campaign as it had attracted 57 backers without a video. I think the video can ignite the campaign more.

You can check the progress of the campaign here:


If he takes my suggestion it will be interesting to see how much more the CrowdFunding campaign can attract thanks to Russell,s commentary.

Will update if he takes my advice. :-)

The campaign also got picked up by financial journalist Max Keiser and Russell Brand retweeted the campaign.

Also interesting to see is how politics, media and CrowdFunding are overlapping. A quick search through StartJOIN and you will see how CrowdFunding is being used as a political tool for the people to have a voice and get featured in the media.



Share any video links you think I should watch to educate myself more on Gaza where you get a two way perspective or any interesting ways that CrowdFunding is being used for politics below.

The conversation got quite heated on my Facebook wall.

And here is round 2 from Russell

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