Epicenter Bitcoin Simon Dixon

How Bnk To The Future is Rethinking Finance – Epicenter Bitcoin

http://ift.tt/eA8V8J Ever since the financial system collapsed in 2007, the call for alternatives has grown louder. Bitcoin itself can be seen as such an alternative. Simon Dixon’s search for a way to put capitalism on a sounder financial footing began before Bitcoin with a focus on equity crowdfunding. Since then he has built Bank to…

Bitcoin v. Banking

Why banks and regulators are scared of bitcoin?

In a nutshell – transparency and honesty is less profitable that financial shenanigans behind a centralised ridable ledger called a bank. And I still don’t have the answer to who regulates the regulators? Blockchain is the 21st century problem solver – in my view one of the most significant application of the internet and the most…

UK Government Alternative Currencies

UK Government Releases Report on Alternative Currencies

Interesting to see Parliament release their report on Alternative Currencies. Here is the summary of the report and how they see Alternative Currencies like Bitcoin and the Bristol Pound: Here is how they see it… Alternative currencies include global currencies like Bitcoin and local community currencies such as the Bristol Pound. They are meant to complement,…


Rebuilding our economy photos @MaxKeiser @StacyHerbert @SimonDixonTwitt @JonnyBitcoin @StephanTual #BankToTheFuture

Here are the highlights, photos and story from Twitter after our Rebuilding our economy with Digital Currencies and Crowd Finance event. We had representatives from Satoshi Point, MaxCoin, Ethereum, PitPesa, StartJOIN, StartCOIN and BankToTheFuture, as well as Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert from Keiser Report. Video recording to follow up once edited (Register your name…

Banking conference Bitcoin

Banking conference – My panel on the impact of Digital Currencies

The Pay 360 conference, held in Central London by GX, attracted 300+ people from across Europe. It gathered industry leaders and subject matter specialists exploring such topics as: AML, Payment Services Directive, The banking crisis, Gift card regulation, Virtual Currency and Bitcoin. I was there to document the two bitcoin sessions. The first was a…

Bitcoin Girl, Bitcoin

Bitcoin Girl, living in a #Bitcoin world

Can Wall Street Guy win Bitcoin Girl’s heart? A Moving Picture Institute production. Approximately 4 minutes. Click “show more” for lyrics. For more, subscribe to this page & visit http://www.movingpictureinstitute.org & http://bitcoingirl.org. Subscribe to MPI’s YouTube channel for the latest videos and follow MPI on Twitter @thempi and BitcoinGirl (Naomi Brockwell) on Twitter @SkyCorridors and on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSuH… Lyrics:…

London investor show

London Investor Show – I will be speaking on Alternative Investments – From Equity CrowdFunding to #Bitcoin

I will be speaking about the highest performing asset class of 2013 and alternative finance investments, from Bitcoin to Equity CrowdFunding, at the London Stock Exchange. Join me in October if around. #London Investor Show speakers open trading. Register for UK’s largest investor & IFA event at http://t.co/gVLegPz2sV pic.twitter.com/GjddMtFlrW — LondonStockExchange (@LSEplc) October 21, 2013…