Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser discuss my article on my Russell Brand, Gaza, Sean Hannity and CrowdFunding on @StartJOIN @rustyrockets blog post.

I want to say up front, I am a finance guy and don’t feel qualified enough to have an objective opinion on what is happening in Gaza as I simply don’t know enough, but when attempting to educate myself on it this morning I came across this video where Russell Brand exposes Sean Hannity’s aggressive interview style on Fox News. I was very disappointed that I did not get to hear the second perspective thanks to Sean’s ‘agree with me or shut up’ interview style, but it turns out that CrowdFunding can be used to further the debate. I explain more here.

Also interestingly enough, all this got covered on the same week the the UK financial regulators the FCA released their guidance on social media, equity CrowdFunding and Financial Promotions.

Simon Dixon

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